Carolina Pediatric Counseling and
Educational Services
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About CPCS


Carolina Pediatric Counseling Services is owned and operated by Dr. Misty Goodwin, a Licensed Psycho-Educational Specialist (LPES) by the SC LLR. Dr. Goodwin has ten years of experience in the public education setting and specializes in evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of students with a disability as categorized by the SC Department of Education criteria for service eligibility in the public school setting.


Dr. Goodwin has extensive experience in IEP planning and development as well as regulating and advocating for services consistent with federal and state legislation such as No Child Left Behind and FERPA. In addition, Dr. Goodwin has received the 2009 Louis R. Ravenel Parent Advocate Award by Protection and Advocacy for People with Disabilities, a non-profit organization, for her own child with special needs. Not only is Dr. Goodwin a trained professional with education and experience, she protects the rights and needs of her clients with a personal and warm manner while ensuring the best possible accommodations for parents, students, and educators.

CPCS is designed to provide consultative services, evaluations, interventions, and advocacy for students who may have a disability as well as those students who are merely struggling academically. CPCS also provides parental access to federal and state laws regarding education as well as interpretation of those regulations.

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