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Welcome to Carolina Pediatric Counseling


Educational Services (CPCS)!

Does your child have difficulty in school? Does getting your child to complete homework feel like a struggle? Does your child withdraw more than usual, feel bullied or anxious when it is time to go to school? Often times both parents and students become frustrated, disappointed, and flat out give up when it comes to academic hardship and social problems surrounding school. However, a thorough examination of your child's mind and behavior could reveal an inability to process information correctly. By identifying the issue, we can develop steps for both you and your child to take as he or she moves through school. We are here to help so feel free to give us a call!

What exactly does CPCS do?
  • Academic, Social, Emotional, Communication, and Behavioral Development:
   Just as each child grows at a different pace, each child can learn at a rate that may be different than his or her peers. However, grade expectations follow a "norm" that each student is expected to fall between. If your child is struggling in any academic areas, a full assessment can determine if a developmental delay or disability is present. Additionally, each child matures,  developmentally, at a different rate and may be ahead or behind in one or more areas. Sometimes, a deficit such as social skills can lead to the child being a victim of bullying. This can impact how they feel about themselves and how they react to others in school.
  • Age Development:
   Although most school tutoring and intervention programs focus on the smaller children, pre-teen and teenage students often struggle as well as the work increases in difficulty. Interventions and alternate solutions such as accommodations are available for your child no matter the age.

Services we provide are:
  • Social and emotional counseling pertaining to school and self
  • ADHD and behavior counseling and planning
  • Stress reduction techniques
  • Social skills training
  • Communication skills training
  • Role play therapy
  • IQ testing
  • Academic consultations
  • Evaluations consisting of ability (intelligence), achievement, social and emotional concerns, behavioral analysis

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